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Posted by: kieran
02-05-2024, 02:40 AM
Forum: Announcements
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Our new Stoneblock 3 Server is now open and ready for you to play at!

You can download the pack on PrismLauncher and FTB Launcher with the Version 1.8.1! Due to this being a 1.18.2 modpack, you will need Java 17 in order to play.

If your game crashes on startup then that is the reason why. Grab the role in Discord to talk into the respective channels in ⁠role-claiming .

Come join us at:
Vote for us:
Support us:

Modpack download:

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Posted by: kieran
02-05-2024, 02:29 AM
Forum: Announcements
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Welcome to the CobbleCore Forums!

I’d like to personally welcome you to the CobbleCore Community. While you can stay here on our forums and our helpful team will be more than happy to help. Please remember to sign up for the forums (and get your friends to sign and join the Discord) as we will posting sneak peaks to new servers and new features coming to servers.

You can also join us on Discord, where staff are active and you can chat and play with other players.

You can support the servers with their continued development by purchasing a rank at our Online Store which gives you access to server rewards.

Looking for our server IPs, look no further.

Hub -
Terranova 2 - - Download: Technic / CurseForge
Stoneblock 3 - - Download: FTBApp

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